About this Episode

“Do you understand the words that are coming out of my mouth?!” - Rush Hour

“How do you become a better listener?”

Susie is a Marketing Consultant at Covalent Marketing as well as an avid improv comedian. She also went to college with Raj and I, and her honest take on listening is like music to our ears.


Susie Alvarez

Additional topics include:

+ Key & Peele’s take on not listening during arguments
+ What the “Yes, And” principle and Second City can teach us about listening 
+ The impact of the statement, “That’s a good question.”
+ Bad questions do exist
+ Our exploration of the definition of “pontificate”
+ Martin’s embarrassing day in AP English
+ A crazy story of STD mispronunciations and the awkward teacher conversation that ensued
+ How everyone is having separate conversations in their own minds, based on their understanding of the world around them
+ Susie’s obsession with glossaries of terms
+ How people as individuals are intelligent, but people in large groups are dumb
+ The power of being the dumbest guy in the room
+ The average of Five
+ The fillers we use to give us time to think, or process information
+ The length of our attention span and...
+ Psyching each other out with Office Space references
+ How farting machines can help you out
+ How stories are the only way to stay engaged
+ What types of emails and questions you should ask in your email newsletters
+ The Buzzfeed approach
+ The 10K hours rule & Gladwell
+ Rule of 3 - if you tell someone 3 times, they will believe it
+ Capturing attention by appealing to universal emotions
+ Shitty small-talk and resting bitch faces
+ How technology is ruining our ability to listen with distractions
+ The drunk/sober idea rule
+ The worst Shark Tank Pitch
+ Knowing when to shut the fuck up!

Show Links:

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