About this Episode

“I get knocked down
But I get up again
You're never gonna keep me down
I get knocked down
But I get up again
You're never gonna keep me down”
- Chumbawamba

Mistakes. We all make them. Some mistakes crush us, while others launch new opportunities So, this week on Discover Your Inner Awesome, we ask the question:

“How do you grow from your mistakes?”

Don D joins us this week to explore how a mistake with his backing tracks lead to the formation of his band, Chicago Loud 9, and opened amazing opportunities like playing at House of Blues in Chicago.

Don D - Cloud9 (Chicago Loud 9)

Additional topics include:

+ How being open minded can turn mistakes into opportunities
+ If you’re not making mistakes, you’re not trying!
+ Martin’s awful Christopher Walken impression
+ Getting stuck in a 90’s ska genre
+ How pride or stubbornness can hold you back
+ View mistakes as a learning mindset and Raj’s worst sales call
+ Everything from who we are to the art we make is a work in progress, we are never finished
+ How friends can help you overcome your fear of mistakes and take the stage
+ How mistakes are just surprises that you weren’t expecting
+ Louis CK’s approach to comedy and forcing himself to make mistakes
+ Looking at mistakes as improvisation, since you never know what is going to happen
+ The paranoia that Martin has had since watching The Truman Show and feeling like you have to be “on” at all times
+ Living up to who authentic selves and the daily mistakes we are trying to fix our routines
+ The push-and-pull of ambition and comfort
+ How do you stay in the moment and stop to smell the roses?
+ Everyone has their addictions, what is the thing you’re chasing? 
+ You set your own standards for success in your life. 
+ Being selfish to be selfless 
+ Waiting for inspiration and doing the work
+ Distractions and not taking the time to pause, reflect and think through what you can learn
+ How meditation can help achieve a state of flow
+ The best people make the most mistakes
+ Jerry Seinfeld’s super speed mythos
+ How blame can be passed around in teams
+ Figuring out your skills and becoming good at something before you join a team
+ Have you found your supporting cast?
+ Little kids laughing or dropping f-bombs, depending on your reaction to their mistakes
+ Craving criticism, especially during performance reviews
+ The difference between critique and criticism
+ Finding your bowling bumpers by trying everything and seeing what is you
+ Raj’s R-Kelly open mic and what we can learn from that dude’s mistakes
+ How excuses can hold you back, even when talking to girls at the bar
+ I’d rather know and fail, than be stuck thinking “what if?”
+ Mark Cuban and Michael Jordan’s view on “no” and rejection
+ What mistakes have we made on purpose?
+ Raj’s double-hoodie escapades
+ How not knowing “why” you’re doing things makes it harder to achieve your goals
+ How the hard times in our lives are the most motivational stories
+ Then we each share out biggest mistakes
+ Finally, Don D tells us to always be ready

Keep an ear out for the next episode of Discover Your Inner Awesome as we continue to take on life's important questions in order to help multi-passionate people understand themselves and their presence in the world.

Show Links:

Cloud9 - chicagoloud9.com/

Chicago Loud 9 on iTunes - itunes.apple.com/us/artist/chicag…oud-9/id75689642 - check out the songs in this episode, including: “Afterparty”, “Chill”, and “Punk Soul” 


Louis CK on his biggest mistake, Pootie Tang www.thewrap.com/tv/column-post/lo…ge-mistake-34464/


Trapped in the Closet - www.youtube.com/watch?v=zFosUj6A22c


Killian Branding - www.killianbranding.com/


Seinfeld - The Race www.youtube.com/watch?v=kXPiEicc59s