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“How do you learn to trust yourself?”

Do you make decisions with your brain, or your gut? This week, we sit down with Carla Blumenthal, founder of Tea+Purpose, and explore the highs and lows of learning how to trust yourself. From listening to your body, to recording your thoughts and emotions, we go deep into the inner minds that enable us to live a life true to ourselves.

Carla Blumenthal 

Carla's TED Talk-- www.youtube.com/watch?v=XipkL4ITBbQ

Additional topics include:

+ What are the long term benefits of taking the time to trust yourself?
+ Before you can learn to trust yourself, you have to listen to yourself
+ Do you listen to and trust your gut?
+ How did you choose which college to go to?
+ Did you listen to your brain or your gut when you chose your first job?
+ The ripple effects of your gut decisions are far reaching
+ Trusting yourself is a daily practice. What routines help us be mindful each day?
+ Self-talk can help you see when things are rooted in fear and when they are rooted in truth
+ Emotion labeling, with an app like Mood Meter, is a great way to become mindful about yourself and your decisions
+ “Why am I thinking about what I’m thinking about?” - does this take you out of the moment?
+ We are not human doings, we are human beings. - Deepak Chopra
+ How do you calm yourself enough to stop ruminating?
+ Meditation takes you out of the “go-go-go”, even if only for a moment
+ Eating your food intentionally - an example of meditative moments
+ Get outside for a wander walk and clear your head
+ Having intention behind your mindfulness helps keep it a regular practice
+ How do you create and re-tell yourself the stories in your life?
+ Your journals can help you realize the stories you tell yourself over the years and how your perspective has changed. Putting things into a third-person perspective
+ What are the lies we tell ourselves, big and small?
+ How do you journal? iPhone poems, 750 Words, rapping, podcasting...?
+ There is power in silence and the act of being with yourself
+ What happens when you remove technology? Are you aware of how much you use your screens?
+ How far to the extreme are you willing to go to find balance?
+ Martin gives up drinking and going out for four months to test what it is like to be productive on the weekends
+ Raj talks about how getting a good night sleep makes you feel like a god on Saturday morning
+ Sometimes we stay up throughout the night in order to find peace and a flow state in our work
+ Each moment is a new moment. We have control over what we want to do and how we want to feel in each moment
+ How do you handle the guilt that comes with failing at the goals you set for yourself?
+ Everyone is starting from a different baseline. It is unfair to yourself to compare against them, instead of just comparing yourself to yourself

Keep an ear out for the next episode of Discover Your Inner Awesome as we continue to take on life's important questions in order to help multi-passionate people understand themselves and their presence in the world.

Show Links:

Tea+Purpose - www.teapluspurpose.com/

Why there is Freedom in Discomfort - TEDtalk - www.youtube.com/watch?v=XipkL4ITBbQ


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750 Words - 750words.com/

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