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“How do you balance relationships with your side hustle?”

This week, we sit down with Landis Wiedner, co-founder of Nindis Social Media, on a rooftop in beautiful downtown Chicago, to discuss relationships and entrepreneurship and how find a balance between the two.

Why is this a great topic for Landis? Well, because in a former life she went by the name Chloe Cline, a relationship and dating blogger who would document the trials and tribulations of dating in the modern world. As she says on her site, "There are no bad dates, only good material."

You might also find Landis on the comedy circuit in Chicago, sharing her stand-up with our fair city. But, until then, hit the play button and check out the show-notes below for all the insights from our conversation on dating during your side hustle!

Landis Wiedner

Chloe Cline

Additional topics include:

+ How do you find someone who can understand your hustle-schedule?
+ Drive and ambition are really attractive at first, but what happens when it doesn't go away?
+ What is the entrepreneurship equivalent of following your significant other's band?
+ What happens when two Alphas get together? The Frasier Crane schedule struggle.
+ What am I seeking in life outside of work? Aren't meaningful relationships part of what I'm working toward?
+ There are only so many hours in the day! HOLY MOLY! 
+ The amount of time we spend thinking about relationships is directly related to how much we have going on during the day
+ Sometimes it is nice to just be alone
+ How do you balance the expectations, especially in the Midwest, as you approach age 30
+ What to do when your grandpa offers to pay for your online dating profiles
+ How does Mario Kart mimic our lives?
+ How to differentiate the pressure of what is expected from what we want
+ What is the track you are actually racing on?
+ Which is harder - dating while building your business, or being in a relationship?
+ Do guys never have bad dates, or are goods just better listeners?
+ What does it mean to be an entrepreneur, aka unemployed, while dating
+ Martin looking forward to being a future DILF and Raj playing 35
+ Who should pay when a powerful woman is at the table?
+ Say what you want to say in the text game
+ How to say no to your significant other, especially when you want to help
+ Do you know which friends are the long-lasting ones, and which just want your attention?
+ Martin talks about his Irish Catholic guilt that will haunt him forever
+ How to lower your expectations when putting on events
+ Is the pressure to do things actually there, or self-imposed?
+ How being a yes-man turns you into Stretch Armstrong
+ Which two things are on your front burners in the "Burner Method"?
+ How to incorporate dating into your regular life events, instead of adding it to the busy schedule
+ Not wanting to go, is a good enough reason not to go
+ Weddings and the toll they take on your hustle
+ What happens when your date turns into a business meeting?
+ Men are scared by women who do stand-up comedy
+ How to plan events to bring together people in your life and put your friends above your work

Keep an ear out for the next episode of Discover Your Inner Awesome as we continue to take on life's important questions in order to help multi-passionate people understand themselves and their presence in the world.

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