About this Episode

“What is this whole creative thing anyway?”

This week, we caught up with our good friend Liz Flores on a rooftop in downtown Chicago, chatting over pizza about how creativity is viewed and used in our lives. We met Liz through Under30Experiences, whose founder, Matt Wilson, joined us for Episode 1 of this podcast. Liz is an artist whose work has been showcased on ABC, and even Michigan Ave with The World We Want installation.

When it comes to creativity, no one does it like Liz. So grab a slice of pizza and enjoy the conversation.

Liz Flores

Additional topics include:

+ Is creativity industry specific?
+ How a business presentation can be like poetry
+ The relationship between creativity and trust
+ Our attempts to understand Shakespearean vernacular
+ Censorship is the enemy of creativity
+ The journey from questioning to creativity to results
+ How do you know when to stop, or start, or do?
+ Fear and how it plays into creativity
+ Self sabotage and expectations while trying to create
+ Dangerous words: “It’s not ready yet.” 
+ Are we using procrastination to force action?
+ Kanye creates enemies in order to work harder
+ Who are critics to judge?!
+ Can you call yourself great?
+ Are others holding you back? Why?
+ If you were given the opportunity you’ve been wanting, would you take it?
+ What Lil’Wayne taught us about dealing with haters
+ The pain of an “unsubscribe” and the right metric to worry about
+ What our work and dog crap have in common
+ The value of scrapping your work and starting over
+ Martin geeks out over his favorite Dr. Who episode: Vincent and the Doctor
+ Your intention is everything...also, Liz is crazy and talks to her canvas
+ The value of a large volume of work and separating it from your self worth
+ Why you should stop taking everything so seriously
+ Interpretation is everything, people will put themselves into your work
+ The road from a basic skill to designing for interpretation
+ Why you HAVE TO create every day
+ Using inspiration to light the fire and knowing when it is time to go into the silo and work.

Keep an ear out for the next episode of Discover Your Inner Awesome as we continue to take on life's important questions in order to help multi-passionate people understand themselves and their presence in the world.

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