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“What does your brand say about you?”

Recently, we were on stage at Techweek Chicago talking with Liz Presson, founder of Pursuit, about the things that people think about you based on your brand, and how you can influence those ideas. It was an amazing chat, bookended with some great audience interaction, and we had an absolute blast!

Liz Presson


Additional topics include:

+ Corporations are becoming more human, while humans are becoming more corporate
+ Your brand should allude to your story, not your work history
+ What is the emotion behind your work?
+ Techweek is making Tech cool - that is their “human” side
+ Everyone has a personal brand already
+ What is the one thing that defines you?
+ Root everything you do in your core values
+ Have you ever had to reinvent yourself, or your image?
+ If you’re rooted in a core purpose, changing industries or careers is less scary
+ Knowing your purpose silences haters
+ Don’t reinvent yourself. Reframe how you see yourself.
+ You’re not “just” a lawyer...you’re not “just” anything!
+ Understanding your brand is a way to say “no” to the things that don’t fit
+ Your brand will have many executions, or mediums, to be voiced through
+ Who would your company be if it were a person?
+ If you were a character, what would that analogy be?
+ Worst words to get during an introduction are, “oh...cool.”
+ Figure out your personal perception of your brand, pair it with the world’s perception of your brand, and find the words and language that people use IRL (in real life) to explain it.
+ What are the common words and themes that come out of your investigation
+ Don’t use marketing speak
+ Keep your investigation informal and personal
+ Know yourself, but also understand why others should care
+ Breaking down The Rock’s rise to being the most badass and how he knows that everything he has ever done builds on itself
+ Why The Rock beat The Hulk
+ How do you span the gap between your central purpose and the niche you’re working on today?
+ Wrap up with the three of us answering this fascinating question

Keep an ear out for the next episode of Discover Your Inner Awesome as we continue to take on life's important questions in order to help multi-passionate people understand themselves and their presence in the world.

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